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Folding Travel Scooters

We carry a wide assortment of different travel scooters to accommodate every budget and mobility need. Travel scooters can be divided into two categories, manual folding, automatic folding, and what is termed as knock-down. A manual folding scooter is fully assembled and easily folds and unfolds in seconds. They weight between 40-60 lbs., and most come with newer lithium-ion battery technologies that allow for safe air travel. Some models also provide an option for a traditional SLA or Sealed Lead Acid Battery. Models in this category include the Solax Mobie, Mobie Plus, the EV Rider Transport, the Luggie and the Pride GOGO Foldable. You can also consider an automatic folding scooter that opens and closes with a remote control. The only one available is the 2016 Solax Genie.

A Knock-down scooter is one that you have to take apart to transport, and then put back together when you want to ride it. It usually breaks down into 3-4 pieces, with the heaviest piece weighing between 35-45 lbs. The overall weight of the unit can range between 90-120lbs. These units only come with SLA batteries that weight between 15-30 lbs. Travel scooters are a great choice if you are looking for a get-up-and-go unit that does not require any special lifts or ramps. They are both convenient and versatile.

A Great Scooter Deals mobility expert is available to answer questions and help you to select a model that will best suit your needs and budget considerations. Call 888-909-2392 if you need assistance.